Roulette winning tips

Roulette winning tips

Roulette can be called one of the most popular games where you have a chance to guess the result. So one of the most wide-spread roulette winning tips is the so called ‘past posting’ which is frankly speaking not new.

So this way of cheating is very simple, when the dealer spin the wheel he or she usually look at the number carefully to see the winning result. At that particular moment dishonest and skillful player can place the bet on the number which wins, using this way of cheating the gambler often moves the bet from the loosing position. But you should be really smart and fast if you decide to try this method/ because the dealers are well informed about this cheat. However some gamblers still use it from time to time in games with only one dealer.

Another way to influence on the result of the game is the ball control which is based on the muscle memory of the dealer. If you know for sure this particular person work as a roulette croupier for many years you may try to notice every small movement. In a case it seems you can predict the result of the game controlling dealer’s movement, you still should be very careful and first of all watch a spin or two before placing the bet. As only the very experienced dealers have the muscle memory, be sure they will notice if someone at the table start winning spin by spin and begin to control the movements.

One of the modern features of cheating in roulette game is a usage of concealed computers, combining the learning of the mechanical construction of the wheel with usage of the well known Physics laws (including Newton laws). Some gamblers call this method not cheating but the strategy, though they usually forget that in modern casinos you are not allowed to use any computer devices.

But a group of scientists developed a small computer with very specific software, it allowed to calculate different variants of the game result and was applicable not only for the roulette, but for the most part of popular gambles. In spite of this fact this computer can’t be called as the best gambler’s helper, sure it involved much time, skills and knowledge to create it, but there is no way to use it free. Also keep in mind that for instance if you try to use any devise which is able to predict the result of the game in Nevada, you have good chances to be imprisoned for many years or pay the fee equal to $10,000.